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Ringtones have very much become part of the life of most people in america and the world for that matter.

With the highly connected world in which we live in, which includes one’s home it is a now event that hand held devices are used to monitor one’s home security and even attaches to the appliances of the home.

Now comes Miles Ringtones full home monitoring systems that covers your home from the ground up in alerting you not only to events that occur but, also monitors the condition of your homes different systems.

Ring Tone Alarms And Monitoring Of Homes 

Plumbing, Windows, Roof, Flood,Fire Ringtone Alarms

Our system is based on the Intamac Connect iPhone app that is used to Monitor and regulate your house from anywhere in the world utilizing the free Intamac Connect iPhone app. The app gives you control of your house security, lets you regulate connected devices and devices in the home, view live streaming camera feeds and see all activity logged from within the house so you can passively monitor vulnerable loved ones remotely.

Your Intamac Link home security and monitoring system can be expanded by including new accessories consisting of; keyfobs, smoke alarm, flood detectors, motion sensing units, home plumbing condition, roof condition, window quality,entry/exit detectors, panic alarm system pendants and cameras – all which can be kept an eye on from your iPhone with the free app. Key features: – Control your alarm system from anywhere in the world – On/off control of linked devices – View live and recorded electronic camera images – Automatic recordings taken in the event of a robbery – Immediate notices whenever the alarm system is triggered The Intamac Connect iPhone app needs an Intamac Connect alarm, a signed up account and subscription in order to work.

Miles Ringtones Alarms is excited to share the possibilities of protecting your home from the ground up and how this can lead to better resell values for your real estate, in fact the ringtone alarm system itself is a selling feature that many real estate agents use in the sales pitch to home buyers concerned about maintaining the value of their home.

Let’s Go From The Ground Up For Why Ringtone Monitoring Is For Your Home

Plumbing And Slab Monitoring

Leaks most commonly occur in older properties. However, newer properties experience problems as well. Factors such as severe climate changes, soil conditions and ground movement and even poor construction can contribute to unexpected pipe damage which, if left undetected can have detrimental and potentially costly side-effects.

Leak detection is a necessary and vital component to water systems. Accurate determination of the position of leaking water pipes within a supply system and subsequent repair serves to save money and conserve water as well as energy.

Ringtone Alarms monitoring is great for indoor plumbing as well, such as the bathroom, kitchen pipes in addition to the washroom and water heater.

Water Damage Monitoring

Water damage can be sneaky as moisture can accumulate under one’s home from a variety of means like poor pipes, leaking pipes, air conditioner humidity run off  or even a dryer vent can produce moisture to the point of damaging one’s home.

In addition small amounts of water standing under one’s home can produce other unwelcome guest like mold which will require remediation, but, the sooner you find mold damage the less costly it will be to repair.

Remote monitoring via the Ringtone Alarms can help in preventing water damage of many varieties.

HVAC Efficiency Monitoring

After going to the difficulty of designing and developing an energy reliable residence with a range of energy efficient A/C elements, I wished to verify my efforts. I wished to determine:

Is the design working? If not, why not?
How much energy is being used up to heat/cool the house to keep the ins pleasant?
Exists a much better method to utilize the numerous cooling and heating aspects to increase efficiency or comfort?

To respond to any of these concerns requires a quantitative methods of measuring the efficiency of different active and passive HVAC elements. Considering that this is essentially a thermodynamics issue, the first thing needed is to look at the numerous heat flows in the system.This requires a LOT of different temperature levels since there are lots of different active and passive heat transfers going on in the system.

That is where the remote Ringtone monitoring can help keep up with all the variations in your homes heating and cooling units. Air Conditioners must be maintained in order to provide the comfort of the occupants at the most efficient use of energy, same is true for the heater.

Central heat and air conditioners are mostly outside so there can be many elements that affect the system.

Monitoring of this can save one money on ac repair and heater repairs not to mention duct work, insulation, and over all energy bills associated with Climate Control of the home.

Window & Door Insulation Monitoring

Monitoring your skylights, windows, and doors to stop air leaks, foil water drips, and detect the gaps and rot that let the outside in. This can perform a quick check with a home air-pressure test via the Ringtone Alarms monitoring system.

Monitoring can  to reveal air leaks that increase your energy bills when used to inspect windows, doors, skylights and other openings in your home.

Air and water can seep into closed widows from gaps and rot in frames, deteriorating caulking, cracked glass, and closures that don’t fully close or of poor quality.

Monitoring this home system can give you a head start on window replacements or upgrades with insulated windows, insulated doors and other sealing other openings that can be costing you money 24 hours a day via your air conditioner and heating systems.

Roof And Shingles Monitoring

A roof inspection is one of those preventative maintenance jobs that’s easy to overlook, Not with Ringtone Alarms and Monitoring. This prevents one from having to climb on the roof via a dangerous ladder to see the condition of one’s roof structure and shingles.

You can get a ringtone alarm when there is Cracked caulk or rust spots on flashing, Shingles that are buckling, curling, or blistering, Missing or broken shingles, Cracked and worn rubber boots around vent pipes, Missing or damaged chimney cap, Masses of moss and lichen, which could signal the roof is decaying underneath and much more.

Catching roofing issues early can help save money on roof repairs and replacements which the national average cost for a new asphalt shingle roof is $19,528, according to “Remodeling” magazine’s 2015 “Cost vs. Value Report,” of which you’ll recoup $13,975 at resale (71.6%).


More Security and Monitoring News

Advancements In Fence Security

Perimeter Security Systems a leading innovation business specializing in design, development, and manufacturing of outdoor boundary invasion detection options, is pleased to announce our most recent collaboration with Tri-Ed an Anixter Business.
Tri-Ed have actually signed a contract with RBtec to disperse in Canada and soon in the U.S.A the IRONCLAD Boundary Alarm System kits – the ideal security solution for commercial and commercial sites.

Fence Alarms

TRI-ED provides cutting edge solutions from the market’s leading producers of IP Video, CCTV, access control, fire, invasion, noise, communications, structured cabling, and house automation products. With 67 areas across the united state and Canada, TRI-ED offers individual customer support, technical systems support, versatile credit terms, next day shipping, ongoing training programs and the market’s richest benefits program.

About the Ironclad fence intrusion detection kits:

Completely covered by stainless-steel mesh Ideal for installation on wire fences and concertina coil.

The system make use of 3 layers of false alarm filtration – Algorithm of detection, 11 levels of level of sensitivity quickly changed with dip switches and a weather station to avoid incorrect alarms dued to weather.

The sensing unit cable can be installed on a fence of any kind, solar energy panels and be linked to any conventional alarm panel, Scada or DVR.

Offered in 250′, 500′ and 1000′ zone configurations, each kit includes a dual zone analyzer, IP66/NEMA 4X enclosure, installing hardware, tamper switch, pre-installer end of line.


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